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At Coeur Alaska, you'll find more than just a job. Our employees are motivated to find and pursue a higher standard of excellence, by taking initiative and by not being afraid to lead. We succeed when we work together.

Safety is at the foundation of everything we do. We believe in everyone returning home safely every day. We invest in the well-being of our employees. With wellness initiatives at each of our sites, Coeur believes that a healthy employee is a productive employee. Whether you're driving a 30-ton haul truck or working in an office, we want you to feel healthy and able.

Coeur is committed to local and Alaska Native hire. Sixty percent of our employees call Alaska home, and all our management staff live in the City and Borough of Juneau.

Coeur Alaska, Kensington Mine partners with the University of Alaska’s Mining and Petroleum Training Services (MAPTS) twice a year to provide Alaska residents the opportunity to complete a six-week training program. Upon successful completion of the program and meeting all HR requirements, the participants will start a full-time position as either an Underground Miner or Maintenance Technician.

Coeur also has a recruitment and mentoring program we call Coeur Heroes, designed to highlight and engage military members through on-the-job experience. Coeur Heroes allows past and present service members to use the special skills they developed during their time of service to help make a difference at our operation.

We believe in competitive compensation for our employees. We believe that EVERY employee has a voice. Coeur is a company of doers. Each employee has the ability to influence their work environment and the business as a whole. Are you ready to make an impact? If so, then fill out your application.

Find your future at Coeur Career Opportunities. Type "AK" in the search bar to see the open positions at the Coeur Alaska Kensington Mine. For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department at 907-523-3639 or

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