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We Believe in Training and Developing a Local Workforce


Coeur Alaska is a strong proponent of hands-on training for those Alaskans who want to roll up their sleeves and put their pioneer work ethic on our payroll. We offer several scholarships to help ease the financial burden for local UAS students pursuing careers in diesel mechanics, environmental science or marine biology, or enrolled in a technology related program.


University of Alaska Southeast senior Mollie Dwyer is the latest recipient of the UAS Coeur Alaska-Kensington Gold Mine Environmental Science Award.

With help from the scholarship from Coeur Alaska, Dwyer completed a paid internship through a collaboration between the U.S. Forest Service, the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Laboratory and UAS. Dwyer spent her summer collecting water samples from various stream sources amidst the mountains. During

her internship, Dwyer also researched kelp and its reproductive process. Dwyer, who is pursuing a bachelor’s in Environmental Science, assisted Drs. Eran Hood and Jason Fellman and U.S. Forest Service Soil Scientist David D’Amore in research that may provide clues to how changes in the environment impact Southeast Alaska both environmentally and economically.

We have invested over $150,000 in young Alaskans who are interested in a career in Environmental Sciences because no one understands how important it is to protect our land as those who have grown up with the Tongass as a backyard.

Coeur Alaska has joined with like-minded partners to sponsor promising students like Walter Prussing, who is studying heavy diesel maintenance.


The UAS Southeast Conference / Coeur Alaska / Hecla Greens Creek Vocational Education Scholarship provides financial assistance for full-time students at the UAS Technology Center so they may complete their vocational programs and enter the mining profession. The program highlights and provides

opportunities for mechanics, welders, electricians and maintenance technicians.


Coeur Alaska participates in many career fairs held at schools in Southeast Alaska.  We consider these an opportunity to let our youth know about the many career opportunities that mining offers. We also partner with the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development in AVTEC - the Alaska Vocational Technical Center.


An AVTEC success story, diesel/heavy equipment technology student Jonathan Godwin from Anchorage was recently hired by Coeur Alaska as a Mobile Maintenance Mechanic Tech II. Coeur Alaska attended AVTEC's 2019 spring job fair and completed interviews for the position.. 


As the largest multidisciplinary postsecondary  vocational training center in Alaska, AVTEC’s mission is to prepare Alaskans with the occupational, technical, and employability skills needed in the mining industry and we are proud to partner with them in putting their well-trained graduates to work.

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